Job Description

We operate a variety of food stands at Farmer’s Markets weekly in several different areas. We also setup Pop-Up Restaurants, do catering events, and participate in cool events like the Facebook Community Event series. Therefore our mobile food locations are located in the city of Davis, Yolo County, Sacramento, and several different cities within the Bay Area. For a more complete list of cities we operate in please see the below location list. Our mobile food is more than just Hawaiian Poke like we serve in our restaurant. We operate an Avocado toast stand, a New American breakfast sandwich & lunch salad stand, shuck coconuts with a machete (not joking) at our mobile rum bars, get down on some chicken and much much more.  To take a look before you apply or to apply in person, feel free to visit our events page and meet us at our next event. 

Farmer’s Market Stands & Other Recurring Event Locations:
  • Mid-Town Sacramento
  • Downtown Sacramento
  • Elk Grove
  • Davis
  • Bay Aea
More Info & Job Application

We do our mobile food all year long and are always looking for fresh faces to help us get it all done. Generally, these are not full-time positions being that our market stands operate once a week in different locations but that is not always the case. Please indicate which of the mobile food locations you are interested in when filling out the application to be considered. If we don’t get back to you it doesn’t always mean we weren’t interested. We just might not have a slot to fill or your availability doesn’t match up. Our hiring criteria revolves around relevant qualifications (you gotta have skills in the kitchen for some jobs) and or availability. Feel free to call our restaurant (1-530-341-0498) if you want to follow up on an application or have any questions about any of the positions. Please be mindful that we are a very busy restaurant so we might not be able to chat unless its during our slow time (2pm-4pm).

Zumapoke And Lush Ice