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We are a family restaurant located in Davis, CA. Like other rapidly growing companies (and restaurants in general) we are often hiring. Our standards are high, the work is hard, and not everyone can rise to the occasion but if you think you have what it takes, please fill out an application for consideration. 


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Got a foodie belly rocker and a life-long ambition to work in a restaurant or Farmer’s Market food stand? We have a job for you! Okay so seriously the belly rocker is optional and will only get you bonus points in the interview but we are always on the look for talented individuals to work in our restaurant and at our mobile food locations. As an employer of college students, we are always taking applications due to changes in school schedules and our team members graduating.

To apply to one of our jobs (in our Davis restaurant or one of our mobile food locations) please click one of the buttons below. There you can learn more about each position we offer. You can also always bring in a resume during the slow times each day (2pm to 4pm) to the restaurant located at 730 3rd Street, Davis, CA. If we don’t get back to you it usually means we just aren’t hiring, so please don’t take it personally. We hire based on qualifications and availability lining up with our needs. However, feel free to check in with us once you have applied. Thank you in advance for your interest in joining our team!


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Executive Team

Creative Chefs & One Bearded Coconut Shucker

We celebrate creativity in the kitchen and playing with knives… well at least in terms of shucking coconuts. 

Rachael & Dustin Ryen


The Ryens founded Zumapoke in 2015. The Ryens whom are shown here holding their eldest daughter, Coral. Coral was born 6 months after Zumapoke opened its doors in 2016 and was joined by her sister Freya in 2019.  Rachael’s family are rice farmers in Yolo County where they have grown rice for over 150 years. Zumapoke and its mobile food stands serve rice from the family farm. Rachael currently is in charge of all culinary operations. Dustin Ryen heads up all mobile food and events for Zumapoke. He also heads up Marketing for the Zumapoke group. He is probably best known as the head coconut shucker for Zumapoke and can be found at markets 5 times a week opening up coconuts with a machete for thirsty customers.

Vincent Joaquin

Executive Chef & Partner

A 17-Year Sushi Chef Veteran, Vincent is in charge of Zumapoke’s Kitchen and Menu. He is also a part owner of Zumapoke and can often be found breaking down whole wild Ahi Tuna or Salmon in the restaurant. 

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