Poke Customer Hero

Job Description:

Serve/Prepare the perfect poke – and have fun while doing it – is the first step to starting your career at Zuma Poke & Lush Ice. You embody Shaka Brah while working in a team environment and are highly flexible.

Our team members take pride in serving and preparing Zuma Poke’s delicious food. They know that in order to do this right, they need a clean and organized work area. By consistently following the proper recipes and procedures, and adhering to Zuma Poke’s high standards regarding food preparation, cleaning and sanitation, teamwork and customer service, they help to ensure that the Zuma Poke customer experience is always the best it can be. Team members get to learn about and work in a variety of stations: Cashier, Serving Line, Lush Ice Making, Food Prep and Taco Plating. All Poke Customer Heroes will be required to learn all of these positions in order to flex in and out of them as needed. Team members’ responsibilities require them to be on their feet working while clocked in, unless on break, so wear comfortable shoes!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining appropriate portion control and food levels on the line while serving customers quickly and efficiently
  • Providing a friendly, quality customer experience to each customer
  • Completing food preparation assignment accurately, neatly, and in a timely fashion
  • Following recipes accurately to maintain consistency in customer experience
  • Maintaining proper food handling, safety, and sanitation standards while preparing food
  • Ring up customers at Point of Sale
  • Make Lush Ices for customers as they are ordered
  • Prepare Soju Shots for Lush Ices as a part of food preparation duties
  • Maintain current or obtain a new Food Handler card certification prior to starting work


  • Consistently and accurately using prep sheet, cleanliness list, and station checklists.
  • Following Zuma Poke sanitation standards including washing cookware and utensils throughout the day
  • Cleaning equipment and premises, as assigned thoroughly and in a timely fashion according to Zuma Poke sanitation guidelines
  • Maintaining food preparation processes such as marinating, seasoning, fabricating fish, dicing, cutting, and slicing vegetables

Job Hours:

AM and PM Shifts available:

8am to 3PM – 7 days a week

3 to 10 PM Sunday through Thursday. 3PM to 11PM Friday & Saturday.


Based upon experience. All Zuma Customer Hero positions are paid hourly on a bi-weekly basis and receive all company holidays off.

Hiring Process for Poke Customer Heroes:

Zuma Poke & Lush Ice is an equal opportunity employer. The Poke Customer Hero hiring process is a three-part process that begins with completing our job application. The next step is an interview with a manager or owner. This is followed by a group interview with our team which completes the process. Zuma will hire candidates that are invited to participate and pass each part of the process.

Interested? Then please fill out an application below for consideration.

Zumapoke And Lush Ice